April 26, 2018

Goals and Academic Philosophy

Koinonia Academy has three major goals; they are, 1) To create an educational environment which supports Christian values being taught at home by the parents, 2) To assist parents in the formation of children and young adult men and women as mature Christians, 3) To teach students to value their relationships with God and with one another and to understand the consequences of their actions.

Koinonia Academy consistently uses the following philosophy and approach to education:

  • God is the source of all truth, beauty and goodness; therefore, we look to Him as the source of all that is taught at Koinonia.
  • The basis of our curriculum is Holy Scripture, Roman Catholic Tradition, and the magisterium of the Catholic Church.
  • The curriculum of the elementary grades emphasizes a “back to basics” approach, where mastery of the basics of communication and computation is stressed.
  • The secondary level offers a full curriculum for the college bound
  • Christian character in children is best formed through enjoyable hard work. Course material is made enjoyable, motivating children to learn. Course content is presented with students taking an active role; doing, not just watching.