April 26, 2018

Koinonia Academy Drama Department

Drama at Koinonia Academy has been around in some form since the beginning. Upon moving to Plainfield in 1997, Koinonia productions have been fairly regular, thanks to an actual stage and auditorium.

For several years (1999-2006), Mrs. Nicole Sutton (Falcone) and Mr. Fran Gallic led the academy through various productions. Among them included 12 Angry Jurors (’99), New York Stories (’02), I Remember Mama (’03), The House of the Seven Gables (’04) and Life With Father (’06). Most of the productions were done by the Junior class only.

In 2006, Mrs. Erin Clemente (Kinney) joined the staff, taking over for Nicole and Fran in the theatre responsibilities. Sketches from Fiddler on the Roof were done under her direction in Dec. ’05 (with help from Nicole). In May ’07 the entire high school got involved in Pride and Prejudice. Following that inaugural performance have been The Hound of the Baskervilles (Fall ’07), The Diary of Anne Frank (Fall ’08), Father of the Bride (Spring ’09), The Rivals (Fall ’09), The Miracle Worker (Fall ’10), “All the Girls A-Stage” (Theatrical Revue) (Fall ’11), Who Killed Aunt Caroline? (Spring ’12) and The Importance of Being Earnest (Spring ’14).

The students audition for the plays and then approximately 8-10 weeks are devoted to rehearsing for the productions. It is a great time full of hard work, creativity, growth, teamwork lessons, and ultimately, a sense of accomplishment and success by all involved.

Students not acting are also able to get involved working “behind the scenes”, designing and building sets, costumes, props, working on lights, sound, tickets, programs. It is a great time to build relationships, learn how to be more responsible and learn how cooperation pays off.