April 26, 2018

Latin Club

The Latin Club is offered to Seventh and Eighth graders on Wednesday afternoons, between 2 and 3 o’clock. It is based on the Prima Latina program, which is an introduction to Christian Latin.

Prima Latina offers twenty-five regular lessons and five review lessons, all of which are highly organized and easy-to-follow. Each of the standard lessons begins with practical Latin, basic sayings such as salve/salvete, semper fidelis, Anno Domini. Next comes a lesson in which a wide variety of topics including ecclesiastical pronunciation, parts of speech, derivatives, numbers, constellations, declensions, and the first conjugation are taught. Then there is a vocabulary list of five to six words with their English translations. Last, comes a line from a Latin prayer. Four complete prayers (The Sanctus, The Doxology, The Table Blessing, and The Lord’s Prayer) are included in the program. The appendix includes two listings of the vocabulary sorted alphabetically and by part of speech and a list of the Latin sayings by lesson. To make the program more challenging, the Latin Club will be incorporating additional vocabulary words from Latina Christiana 1.