April 26, 2018

Middle School Enrichment

Middle School Enrichment Program

The Middle School Enrichment Program gives students an opportunity to develop their God given talents in the Arts, Language, Math and Sports. This year’s program includes Latin, Art Appreciation/History, Chess Club and Running Club.

Latin I

Students in the Latin class will learn over 100 vocabulary Latin words, grammar forms, common Latin sayings, English derivatives, prayers, songs and Roman history. This course will prepare students for Latina Christiana.

Chess Club

Students in the Chess Club will learn how to play the game of chess while increasing their ability to solve problems, strategize and critically think. This class also helps to improve memory and concentration. The students will play against each other, as well as have opportunity to participate in Tournaments.

Art Appreciation/History

Students in Art Appreciation/History will learn about art beginning with the ancient world and continuing through the ages. In each class, the students will focus on a period or an artist, view works of art and practice the techniques of the artists.

Running Club

Students of all fitness levels and athletic talents will learn the discipline of daily running/walking and the related health benefits by setting and pursuing personal goals and charting results. Students will have opportunity to participate in running events.