April 26, 2018

Running Club

Nationally, childhood obesity is increasing. This epidemic affects everyone. One reason is the lack of safe areas outdoors for children to play. Counteracting this trend and giving students a place to be active, running and exercising, is just one of the reasons why the KA Running Club was started.

The Running Program for seventh and eighth grader students is flexible, in order to accommodate students of all fitness levels and athletic talents. The program will show how the discipline of running can improve one’s physical and emotional health. In the Running Club, students will set goals, count their laps, and keep a log of miles run. After achieving various distance goals, runners will receive incentive awards. Students are better able to concentrate and sit still for homework after completing a work out.

The KA Running Club meets from 2:00pm-3:00pm every Thursday. The first goal for students was to participate in the KA 5K, which many did with great success.