April 21, 2018

Koinonia Academy Vision

We have been chosen to live in a time that will be remembered by future historians as the age of saints and martyrs. This is a time of violent upheaval against all that has been treasured by man since the coming in flesh of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

In the words of Pope John Paul II, “present day man — does not think things through to the end, does not seek the fundamental reasons why, looks for no foothold in knowledge of Him whom the book of Wisdom proclaims as Creator.”

–(Sign of Contradiction, II.2)

As a consequence of this shallowness and lack of thought, man is very apt to affirm the statement, “God is dead.” Koinonia is a school that supports parents, through dedicated Catholic teachers, in helping children to overcome that lie and to think deeply in all that they do.

In this age, holiness is persecuted; thus, we have more saints and martyrs than ever before in the Church. Heroic courage is needed for one to live a full Catholic life of holiness, especially in today’s world. Koinonia fosters courage of character and boldness of spirit in its students through its character-forming instruction and academic preparation. Our priority is on faith and character formation.

Koinonia Academy is a school rich in the blessings of God, deep in His truth and proclaiming His beauty to the nations. Koinonia Academy is a candle in the darkness, fueled by a light that will never go out but grow ever brighter as the world gets darker, until the Lord comes in glory for all His children.