April 21, 2018

Admission to Koinonia

The admission process for Koinonia Academy is straightforward and involves two steps: the application form and the interview. In order to apply for admission to Koinonia Academy, parents, along with their children, need to fill out the Application for Admission and either deliver it to the Koinonia Office, or email it to Office@koinoniaacademy.org.

Either before or after the submission of the Admission Application, parents should contact the office, by phone (908-668-9002) or by email in order to set up a meeting with the Headmaster to discuss the admission of their child into the school.

Should you have any questions about the interview, the admission application, or about Koinonia Academy, feel free to call or email the Office. You can also consult the Frequently Asked Questions About Koinonia Academy.

Download the Application for Admission.