April 26, 2018

Peter Dill (Class of 2008) Walks On To Seton Hall Basketball Team

The following was written by Peter Dill’s sister, Theresa Dill.

Peter Dill, KA  ’08, is a young man everyone knew loved basketball. Before Koinonia Academy had its own team, he played on two different St Vincent’s basketball teams that won the CYO State Championship.

What many people may not know, however, is just how dedicated he is to the sport he loves. As an example, one night after coming home from a game his team lost, he went right outside in the pouring rain to shoot free-throws! When asked why, he replied, “My shot was off all night; I’m not coming in until I make 500 free-throws.”

This past summer Peter learned that the Seton Hall Pirates Men’s Division-1 basketball team was prepared to accept one “walk-on” non-scholarship player. He decided to make a full court press effort to be that player.

He started running miles every day during the summer, giving himself exhausting workouts, and practicing on the court every single day. He never gave up; he trained and trained right up until the day of try-outs.

When asked about what he was feeling that day of the tryouts, he said, “I’ve put in a lot of hard work, and I just wanted to play as hard as I can.” After waiting anxiously, the news had finally come: he made the team. His hard work paid off.

He had achieved something very few get the opportunity to do. His efforts were rewarded back in December when he played in two games for the Pirates.

Peter continues to practice and work hard with the team every day. He is persistent day in and day out.

Peter Dill, Class of 2008