April 26, 2018

Christmas Blessings

The Christmas Pageant last Friday was a true night to remember and I congratulate both the students and Faculty. Advent is a lovely time as we anticipate the birth of Jesus and all these events prepare us in special ways. 
In my remarks to the children today, I reminded them that Jesus came to us as a baby. Babies need two important things:  to be loved and others to help them.  I encouraged the students to remember to love one another and help one another.  Parents,  ask them to help you as you prepare the family to receive the baby Jesus.  They can and will help you!  
I also encouraged them to rest and not think about school but to keep learning.  There is a difference.  We are always learning!
God bless you and keep you.  Enjoy your time with one another and families!  I will miss you but am looking forward to a rest. I appreciate all the kindness extended to me during this season. Let peace reign on the Earth and may we look to the Holy Family to be our example during these coming days.