April 26, 2018

Science Fair Results

This years Science Fair was a great success! Congratulations to all the students!

1st place High School Division: The Color of Emotion

Mariah Waraksa

Joelle Debrot

Hannah Floyd

2nd Place High School Division: Levitation: Magic or Magnets

John Clemente

David Miller

Matthew Wessel

3rd Place High School Division: Lick me or Kiss me?

Katherine Quense

Olivia Molnar

Margaret Fierro


1st Place Middle School Division: Speedy Relief

Katie Troisi

Juliana Quense

Maeve Buganski

2nd Place Middle School Division: To Confuse a Taste Bud

Joseph Hom

 3rd Place Middle School Division: The Sound of Music

Emma Waraksa

Lucy Filoramo

Claire Floyd

Thank you to Dave and Amy Skrzyniarz who coordinated the event.

A big thanks to Chris Smith and Len Forman.

Thank you to Bob and Kathy McCabe our scorekeepers.

Thank you to Barb Wessel who coordinated the refreshments.

Special Thanks to our judges:

Tom Grzelak, Jerry Pentlickey, Tom Luckenbach, Ainee Boney, Andrew Tomosello, Mitchel Weiss, Hank Soule and Mark Hudock.